The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Story goes way back

beansCastor oil has been used for medicinal purposes for over four thousand years. Native to East Africa, the castor bean was introduced to Jamaica during the slave trade. The traditional method of processing the castor beans included roasting the beans, manually grinding the roasted beans and then finally boiling it to extract the 100% pure, natural castor oil. JBCO continued as a trusted homegrown treatment for hair, skin and even everyday aches and pains. It was soon recognised as a highly effective method for nourishing your scalp, thickening and strengthening hair, as well as stimulating its growth. New-found uses even include eyelash and eyebrow hair growth, and massage.

Team Tropical JBCO

Team Tropical JBCO reside in sunny Durban, South Africa. What started out as a three-person-band, a scientist, a marketer and a business strategist, it warms our hearts that Team Tropical JBCO grew into the extended Tropical family that it is today.

We found that the ethnic hair care market did not have a natural, effective solution to damaged hair due to over processing. JBCO stood out head and shoulders above other solutions in it’s simplicity and effectiveness! Even better, is that JBCO works for all hair types as it nourishes the scalp, working from the inside out!

The Team at Tropical conducted exhaustive research to find a process that produces the most effective JBCO. Raw, unrefined JBCO is a rare commodity. This is why authentic JBCO is not commonly available. Tropical is a local brand, is proudly South African and 100% Black owned.

Tropical JBCO is produced to the highest international standards in an ISO 9001 facility. This means that our manufacturer is audited and regulated by an independent third party, so you can have peace of mind that our product is 100% pure and original. Tropical JBCO is not blended or diluted which is why it is effective. We are proud to bring you the Best, so ask for the Best. Ask for Tropical!

We are having fun running and growing the Tropical brand and even more rewarding are the happy clients and entrepreneurs joining our Tropical JBCO family every day.

Now you can make every day a great hair day!