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Why a healthy scalp is key to growing healthy hair

Healthy scalp grows healthy hair. Your hair is already dead, i.e. there’s no life in your hair. I know, it’s shocking but still that doesn’t make it less important, does it? You might now be wondering where the life which sustains the hair is? It’s in the scalp! The reason why your hair grows and [...]

Overdoing Moisture

Overdoing Moisture? Can there ever be such a thing to us curly girls? We have been taught that moisture is our best friend, which is why we deep-condition, we cowash and use water-based spritzers on our hair. And all goes well until we experience dry, weak, limp and flat hair. As in life, so with our hair, [...]

Winter hair care tips

The winter months are upon us, and that means winter hair care tips. Those cold, rainy, blustery days spell disaster for our tresses; the overly-dry atmosphere and cold-weather elements drain much-needed moisture from our hair and scalp, leaving us to experience dry, brittle locks and dried out, itchy scalps. It is time to winterise our hair [...]

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