Healthy scalp grows healthy hair. Your hair is already dead, i.e. there’s no life in your hair. I know, it’s shocking but still that doesn’t make it less important, does it? You might now be wondering where the life which sustains the hair is? It’s in the scalp! The reason why your hair grows and rejuvenates soon after a shave is because the hair has roots that are present in the hair follicles that are found in your scalp.

What this entails is that for your hair to be able to keep rejuvenating and growing, the scalp needs to remain healthy and anything less of this will result in baldness. And this is why as said above a healthy scalp is key to growing healthy hair.

I would have talked about the importance of having hair that is healthy but I’ll assume you already know that which is why you are reading this article anyway. As we age, it’s been documented that the number of hair follicles in our scalp will decrease with might lead to conditions such as hair loss. Although this seems natural, it can be controlled as compared to aging of the skin which in itself can be difficult to control.

Normally, the result of losing hair follicles in the scalp is producing thinner and thinner hairs that can shrink as low as 10% in their diameter something that can be very unattractive especially to ladies. This in turn necessitates a robust solution that can help in combating occurrences of this kind.

One other thing that can make your hair unhealthy is the formation of dandruff in the scalp. Dandruff is known to drain essential oils that are needed by the hair follicles for them to stay healthy.

What is the solution? Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It’s an oil made primarily for the purpose of helping keep your scalp and hair healthy. It is made up of Omega-9 fatty acids and essential oils to keep your hair follicles moisturized and eventually promote hair growth, see 

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