Overdoing Moisture? Can there ever be such a thing to us curly girls?

We have been taught that moisture is our best friend, which is why we deep-condition, we cowash and use water-based spritzers on our hair. And all goes well until we experience dry, weak, limp and flat hair. As in life, so with our hair, balance is key!

Soft, strong hair requires a balanced regimen of protein and moisture. The problem is we get addicted to softness and use moisturisers as the foundation of our hair regimen; but a strong protein network props up and sustains that softness, improving hair porosity and helping moisture get in and stay in where it needs to be.

So next time you do your hair, think about what your really hair needs, how does it feel and look. Find the key balance of protein and moisture that works for you, for the beautiful soft and strong hair that you desire and deserve.