Can’t seem to Stop shedding so much?

We’ve all experienced shedding and breakage. But have you noticed if the amount is more than usual?

Here are a few things that you can implement from today to start seeing a difference and stop shedding:

Get a protein treatment

If hair is limp, weak and has no elasticity you need a protein treatment. We put so much emphasis on moisture, we forget that hair needs protein to rebuild and reinforce itself. After all, hair is made up of 70 percent protein! It is important to replenish and balance the protein in our hair with protein treatments/ conditioners as well as moisture rich conditioners.

Check your product ingredients

Go easy on the glycerin, a little goes a long way. It can weigh the hair down and keep it damp for longer periods of time; this may weaken the strands.


Are you having enough water? It is important to stay hydrated as this supplies water to the hair, helping in the proper growth of your hair.

Manage your stress

Go for a walk or a run, get into the sunshine, watch the rain fall, or just sit and meditate on your breathing. Stress has become a part of everyday life, we need to take time out as often as we can to relax and be at be peace

Healthy hair is not about the latest products on the market, it is about noticing what your curls are telling you. By changing your hair regimen and making a few lifestyle changes you will notice a difference in your hair.

What do you do to stop shedding and breakage?